The property’s unique setting has also allowed us to create an interesting hunting experience by constructing 6 (six) individual very well positioned hunting cabins that are scattered over the entire property, which are all inter connected to create a mountain type hunting experience whilst hunting for illusive species like the Nyala andBushbuck, but can evenly run into a big Buffalo bull wading in one of the many springs on the property.

Main species to be hunted are: Blesbok-common, Blesbok-white, BuffaloBushbuckBushpigCaracal,DuikerElandGray RhebokHartebeestBlack Back JackalRed LetchweNyalaOribiOstrichPorcupine,ReedbuckCommon ReedbuckMountain Reedbuck, Springbok-common, Springbok-black, Springbok-white, Springbok-copper, SteenbokWaterbuckWildbeest-black, Zebra-burchell.

Horseback Hunting

We offer hunters the ultimate adventure in the African Mountainous Highveld by hunting on horseback and the opportunity to relive a bygone era. With a wide range of well schooled and trained horses, adapted to the African Highlands the hunter has the freedom to cover a great range of territory and experience a wide variety of game close up. There is no shooting from the horseback, so one dismounts for the final stalk. The height advantage one has on a horse’s back gives great visibility over the lower trees and scrub, it is quiet, and the footfalls are a natural sound in the bush. It is often easier to get close to game and for just a game viewing experience it is sensational. The horses we use are surefooted Boerperd, (African mustangs) who is used to the game and terrain. Hunting can be either from a comfortable lodge or more rustic tented accommodation.

Hiking & Fishing

Grasslands Safaris offers its majestic views of nature to all hikers. Hiking trails vary from steep mountain area’s to Highveld grasslands. We offer short and long hiking trails with game viewing from springbuck, blesbuck, wildebeest, zebra, ostrich, buffalo and many more. Our speciality is the birds species that can be found here as these terrains host over 300 different bird species. 

Be sure to try your hand at fly fishing – attempt to land one of the BrownGolden or Rainbow Trout, gliding through the 16 trout dams on the property. The thrill of the catch will have you hooked for eve

Horse Riding Safaris & Game Drives

Grasslands Safaris offers some of the most exciting and quality game viewing and riding on horseback in Mpumalanga.

The riding pace on our horseback safaris can vary from fast exciting riding, cantering with buffalo and wildebeest to meandering along high rocky bluffs watching the setting African sun, or quietly riding past a herd of grazing zebra or family of springbuck. The horse riding is not just for the serious rider looking for a horse riding safari in South Africa, but also their non riding companions or families

Species to Hunt

Main species to be hunted are: blesbok-common, blesbok-white, buffalo, bushbuck, bushpig, caracal, duiker, eland, eland-livingstone`s, gray rhebok, hartebeest, jackal, letchwe, mountain reedbuck, nyala, oribi, ostrich, porcupine, reedbuck, springbok-common, springbok-black, steenbok, waterbuck, wildbeest-black, zebra-burchell.






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